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Introducing Ourselves

Chestnut Taxis Ltd is your new, local taxi company for Kirkby, also covering the wider area of Merseyside.

We are a sister company to the successful airport transfer service Terry’s Tours Ltd. We opened for business on Halloween 2017 with over 60 cars at our disposal, almost 20 of those being 8 passenger seat minibuses.

We currently hold licences with both KMBC and LCC and are in the process of obtaining our Sefton licence too which means more choice for customers as well as drivers.



Unlike other local firms we only have one price tariff. With the in-car metres starting at just £2.10 for a standard car and then ticking over at a rate of a mere £1.50 per mile we are the cheapest around by far! (6 and 8 seat vehicles will vary accordingly).


Dispatch Times

We understand that when you book your taxi you want it to be on time, so it is important to us to give our customers an accurate time frame of when the taxi will arrive. Our operators will not give the old “it’s round the corner” trick when in reality a car hasn’t even been dispatched like all the other firms do. If we are going to be 20 minutes, we will be honest and tell you 20 minutes.


Contract Work

An increasing number of accounts are being opened and managed by our team of dedicated Account Managers. These are for a variety of clients from varying industries and sectors.




We don’t just take any old drivers here at Chestnut Taxis. We invite them in for a sit down chat to get to know about them before they are allowed to represent our name to the public. Our aim is to be the best, not like the rest and when our phone number asks the question, our answer is simple! “We appreciate our customers!”


Our Fleet

As previously mentioned, we have almost 20 vehicles available to us which can carry up to 8 passengers and a further 40+ standard saloons/estates. We also have vehicles such as BMW 5 and 7 Series, Audi A6, and Mercedes E Classes so we are well equipped to carry out executive work. These vehicles are maintained and cleaned regularly for the comfort and safety of our passengers.


New Drivers

We are currently taking on new drivers so if you want to come and join the team why not give us a call? Your car or ours, if you fit the bill you’re welcome to join and with FREE SETTLE what are you waiting for?

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